How To Plan An Outdoor Baby Shower Party

During the beautiful days of Autumn, it’s so fun to be outside when you can. So, if you are planning a baby shower, why not go ahead and decide to have the shower outside. This way everyone can enjoy the outdoors and it’s a lot easier for you to clean up too. To help you plan it all out, here are some great tips and ideas to help you plan an outdoor baby shower party that will thrill the mom-to-be and all your other guests.

Choosing a Location

First of all, you need to choose a location for the baby shower. Ensure you choose a location that will have plenty of room for all the guests you plan on having. It’s also a good idea to ensure you have an alternate plan if the weather ends up being less than perfect. Often the easiest place to have these showers is in someone’s backyard, so you don’t have to move food too far from home.

Great Food Ideas

Speaking of food, you want to have tasty food at the baby shower as well. Considering the baby shower themes you intend to use may help you come up with some food ideas. It’s a good idea to go with picnic style foods for an outdoor shower. You want foods that are easy to take outside. Consider cool salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, or you may even want to grill out for the party.

Fun Outdoor Baby Shower Games

Games are half the fun at a baby shower, and when you have the shower outdoors, you can really have a great time with all the games you choose. Consider having a treasure hunt, playing some easy sports related games, and maybe even do some outdoor baby bingo games. Try to limit games that involve paper, since the wind may blow it away.

How Many Guests Should You Invite?

You are going to need to figure out how many guests to invite as well. A lot of this can depend on the room you have outdoors, especially if you are doing this in a back yard. You need to have plenty of room for all the guests you invite to the baby shower. Ensure you invite guests that are important to the mother-to-be. This may include her mom, sisters, other family members, and her good friends. Remember, this is all about the new mom.

Outdoor Decorations

Decorating for the outdoor baby shower party can be a bit tricky. You need to make sure you use decorations that aren’t going to blow away easily. When you are choosing the decorations, consider the baby shower themes that you are using, which can help inspire the decorations to use. Consider nice banners that you can tie up so they won’t blow away. Decorations that can be driven into the ground are great too. Even the dishes and paper products you choose to use can be decorative.

Party Favors for Guest

Having baby shower favors for the guests that attend is a great idea. Since you are doing the baby shower outdoors, consider going with favors that go along with this idea and with your baby shower themes. Mini tubes of sunscreen or lip gloss with sunscreen make great party favors. If you live in a hot area though, avoid any favors like candles that may get melted in the sun. You don’t want the guest’s favors to turn into a mess in the heat.

Great Gift Ideas

Wondering what gift ideas are appropriate for the mom at an outdoor baby shower party? Really all the traditional gifts are just perfect for the shower. After all, mom is going to need all those traditional baby items for her new baby. Of course since the party is outdoors, you can get creative with the way you present the gifts to go along with the outdoor theme. Consider putting gift items in a little wagon or instead of a gift table, have a nice plastic pool (without water of course) where all the gifts can be placed until it’s time to open them.

Inviting the Guys – Should You Do It?

Since you are going with an outdoor baby shower party, you may be wondering if you should invite the guys. Well, this is perfectly acceptable today, but make sure that the mom-to-be is comfortable with this arrangement before you decide to do it. If you do have the guys, consider turning the event into a nice barbecue that everyone can enjoy. You can even have some separate games for the guys to keep them entertained or set up the TV inside so they can watch their favorite sport. Probably an activity they’d prefer anyway. 

Whatever the season, having a party outdoors can be fun for the guest and easy for the host. Outdoor baby showers provide a way that offers a quick way to clean up, it ensures there is room for everyone, and allows the guest to relax and have fun!