Colors of Compassion
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Colors of Compassion is a documentary film (50 minutes) about the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. The film features moments from Dharma talks by Zen Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh and insights from practitioners on retreat. It was filmed in California, at Deer Park Monastery during a retreat for people of color called Colors of Compassion. The film's theme of compassion and mindfulness is universal and the film is recommended viewing for everyone.  

Personal stories about identity, suffering, and working for social justice, emerge against the backdrop the teachings of mindfulness practice. The film culminates in rare footage of the Five Mindfulness Training ceremony and the beautiful "Heart of Perfect Understanding" sutra.

The DVD includes three special bonus features including an extended interview with Sister Dang Nghiem, author of Healing: A Woman's Journey from Doctor to Nun (Parallax Press, 2010).

Produced by Eloise De Leon and Associate Producers, Ralph Chaney and Michael De Leon in association with Tripp Mikich and co-editor, Christina Perez. For more information or to schedule a public screening at your venue, write to Eloise De Leon:

Audience Comments:

"These stories shimmer and shine with insights on liberation from suffering. In this beautiful film, we enter sacred space and bear witness to the kind of personal and political healing that is possible."  
- Stephanie A. N. 

"It is very inspiring and very artfully done." -- Judith M.